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Handling Commercial Property

 We provide Commercial and Commercial Property Services including but not limited to the following:

  1. Leases
    We prepare and advise upon leases for both Landlords and Tenants
  2. Disputes
    We advise Landlords and Tenants on property and commercial disputes concerning their lease and other matters
  3. Mergers acquisitions and takeovers
    We provide advice and assistance regarding mergers acqusitiions and takeovers of commercial enterprises
  4. Joint Ventures
    We are able to assist with Option Agreements, Promotion Agreements and other joint ventures with a view to commercial development
  5. Finance
    We can assist with re-financing and restructuring businesses
  6. Company rescue
    We are able to provide assistance with business recovery and insolvency issues
  7. Property
    We provide a complete service for the acquisition and disposal of commercial property including its finance


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